About Mayer & Williams PC

Mayer & Williams is an intellectual property law firm with clients that include many Fortune 500 companies, a number of mid-size enterprises and a diverse group of early-stage companies spanning a variety of industries, such as consumer electronics, pharmaceuticals and life sciences, computer software, and telecommunications.

The heart of our practice lies in patent law. Indeed, Intellectual Property Law Today ranks us among the top patent law firms in the country. With lawyers on the east and west coasts, we are particularly adept at the analysis and procurement of patents directed to technologically complex inventions in areas that include:

  • Assays
  • Computer Systems & Software
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Internet-Related Technology
  • Modified Genes
  • Motion Picture Technology
  • Optics
  • Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Medical Devices
  • Photonics
  • Polymer & Specialty Chemicals
  • Semiconductor Devices & Fabrication Processes
  • Telecommunication Infrastructure & Services
  • Video Gaming
  • Wired & Wireless Networks

Our lawyers have undergraduate and graduate degrees in biochemistry, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and physics. We speak our clients’ languages, which allows us to vigorously and effectively represent them in virtually all areas of technology. When necessary, we partner with an extensive network of foreign law firms to ensure that our clients’ patents are adequately protected in jurisdictions outside of the United States.

Most of our lawyers served as in-house counsel before joining Mayer & Williams. This experience affords us an insider’s perspective on the concerns that companies have when it comes to protecting their valuable IP assets. We possess deep experience in patent prosecution, business planning, development, strategic analysis and monetization of patent portfolios, patent validity and infringement options, and clearance studies.

Having shared offices with the inventors and innovators who bring technology to life, we strive to be involved in our clients' overall business strategies to help them more effectively leverage and monetize their IP resources. To that end, we often work closely with our clients to draft and perform IP portfolio analyses for venture capitalists and private offerings, prepare disclosure documentation for public offerings, and evaluate potential litigation risks.

  • 55 Madison Avenue
  • Suite 400
  • Morristown, New Jersey 07960
  • www.mwpatentlaw.com